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Competance ensures Quality

19 June 2021

What is required for women to be fully participating in the formal economy? Answer: Qualifications, rights, willingness to cooperate, investments and professional daycare.

Partnership for Change (PfC) has developed significant childcare projects in Ethiopia, recognizing the essential need for organized daycare to enable employment for women across educational and economic backgrounds. Launched in the fall of 2017, this initiative began as a collaborative effort with the Ministry of Women, Children and Youth (MoWCY), further boosted by a governmental mandate that required all governmental workplaces to provide daycare facilities. This regulation garnered extensive support from various Ethiopian entities, strengthening the resolve to establish effective childcare solutions. The Day Care Project, supported by the Ivar Løge Foundation and the Grieg Foundation, spans four years and includes training daycare staff, developing curricula, and implementing practical models for establishing daycares. This project also extends to management training for daycare directors and policy makers, ensuring a sustainable and education-focused approach to childcare.

The educational component of the Day Care Project integrates principles from the Montessori method and Norwegian daycare practices, tailored to fit Ethiopian cultural values. The leadership aspects are inspired by Norwegian administrative techniques, aiming to enhance the managerial capabilities of those involved in day care operations. This comprehensive approach has already yielded results, with the first cohort of Ethiopian Montessori educators trained by Waterpark Montessori International in collaboration with PfC consultants between 2018 and 2019. These educators subsequently trained 89 daycare assistants, all of whom are now employed. Despite challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the project adapted by transitioning to online training sessions, ensuring ongoing education and preparation for 60 new participants in 2021. This initiative not only upholds the child’s right to positive self-development but also prepares a cadre of leaders eager to apply their new skills in enhancing daycare services throughout Ethiopia.

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