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ECCE seminar – Better family-work balance to increase women’s participation in paid formal work

kids playing in a child-care center in etiopia

Open an ECCE Centre

Our mission is to scale up Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) in East Africa through local partnerships to enable inclusive growth. Although all children and parents should have access to quality childcare, we begin where we make maximum impact: Where a high concentration of women work and in proximity to where they live. We need partners who can manage and fund the operation of ECCE centres, while we provide funding and expertise for renovation, furnishing, organisation, and ongoing quality assurance post-opening.

Who can partner?

We are looking for grass-roots partners in the East African space who are either:
– Already operating an ECCE centre that answers real demand and want to improve it.
– See a great need and want to establish and manage an ECCE centre.
We also welcome financial partners who understand the importance of ECCE and want to join our coalition to realise its massive potential in practice.   

There are usually enough existing buildings. To achieve more, we renovate older unused buildings rather than constructing new. The social impact is the same, but cost and environmental footprint are much reduced.

Before the ECCE opening

  • Confirm local funding for operational cost
  • Confirm management structure
  • Architects survey existing building or site and make floor plan
  • Assess and agree on costs
  • Begin renovation
  • Recruit trained staff
  • Source local learning materials

After the ECCE opening

  • Conduct on-the-job capacity-building for management and educational assistants
  • Provide regular quality assurance for 2 years
About Centre-based Childcare
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