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ECCE seminar – Better family-work balance to increase women’s participation in paid formal work

Explore value-chain partnership

To create jobs, spur economic growth, and reduce environmental footprint, we believe they are generally best produced and delivered locally. However, many small businesses in low-income countries struggle to obtain bank loans to scale their production, despite having a sound concept and proven demand. With partners, Sumuni and Amhara Bank, we have set up a mechanism where PfC provides collateral, Sumuni business support, and Amhara a bank loan.  

Who can partner?

If you are an Ethiopian micro or small company that fits the ECCE profile, you may apply to join the “Maleda” mechanism.

If you are neither Ethiopian and/or a micro to small company, but have an interesting concept that clearly advances the ECCE sector, there may be alternative possibilities for financing.   

In both cases, please contact us and present your ideas.

Our Results

List of examples of goods and services:

  • food, cooking
  • clean water
  • learning materials
  • toys
  • furniture
  • fixture
  • books
  • textiles
  • energy
  • architecture
  • construction
  • playgrounds
  • transportation
  • pedagogy

How do we partner?

We work through trust-based partnerships, which are characterised by de-centralised decision-making, flexibility, no red tape, understanding, and mutual respect. We start with a simple creative conversation – to determine the theory of change – and  take it from there.

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