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Partnerships for systemic changes

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19 June 2021

PfC has participated as a key player in a national and inter-ministerial process to develop a universal day care policy in Ethiopia, initiated by MoWCY (Ministry of MoWCY , Children and Youth).

PfC has contributed with a comprehensive curriculum proposal for day care assistants delivered to the State Secretary in MoWCY in the spring of 2020, and provided input on day care legislation, standard quality requirements and coordination between the ministries.

Future needs for daycare staff have been assessed by the authorities and discussed in the Women’s Committee in Parliament. As Ethiopia does not have a universal day care legislation with quality requirements, standards and educational offerings, a law (regulation / directive) is now being worked on.

This project is an example of how PfC as a non-profit organization can create systemic change with relatively limited funds. Together, we can lead the way in the development of daycare facilities young children in Ethiopia.

A holistic concept with many elements of systemic reciprocity seems absolutely necessary to achieve lasting effects and diverse outcomes:

  • Women in paid work
  • The children’s best
  • Establishment of jobs – in both the private and public sector
  • Quality in education and training

PfC believes that the day care project illustrates and supports the UN’s sustainability goal 17: Cooperation between public authorities and voluntary organizations that initiate and anchor lasting change.

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