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Tebita – construction has started!

Tebita; new building
1 April 2022

19th of March 2022, the building of Tebita Ambulance’s new 8 floor high building started. The building will house the ambulance center, the paramedic education college and the first aid kit production company.

Tebita now rents premises for their businesses. By having their own premesis and all the business in the same building, the rental costs will be significantly reduced. In addition to the ones mentionad above, there will eventually also be a hub for social entrepreneurs in the new building.

Partnership for Change is proud and happy to be part of this project – and wants to thank Erna and Knut Engs Barnefond for the support!

In 2018, Tebita established Tebita Paramedic College in collaboration with PfC. This is the first of its kind in Ethiopia.

PfC’s target group is young, poor girls. It was therefore a prerequisite from PfC that the education should be offered to poor youth – and that half of the students should be girls. This “requirement” was met with great skepticism, as the prevailing view was that the girls were not strong enough for this type of work. However, all skepticism was swept aside, and now these poor girls are pioneers. Ethiopian authorities have plans to train 27,000 ambulance workers in the coming years, and Tebita Ambulance College has been asked to train 5,000 of these.

In our work, we seek to create financial sustainability. In collaboration with PfC, Tebita therefore established a women’s company in 2020 for the production of first aid kits / equipment for sale. To create synergies between our local partners, a collaboration was initiated between Tebita and the weaving factory in Gullele, with which we have collaborated for many years.

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