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Start-up for 30 children!

8 June 2021

The childcare centre at the Good Samaritan Training Center (GSTC) has been completely renovated and furnished.

In the beginning of May, the children could finally be welcomed to their start-up at the day care! With this, yet one more Montessori-inspired day care is in place. Professional architects and specialists in day care construction have worked on the design of the day care and the garden surrounding the day care – and it has become a safe and good playground for the children. The day care is furnished with sleeping mats, chairs, tables, toys, a fully equipped kitchen and proper washing- and toilet equipment for the children.

The day care will be open for the children of poor mothers who participate in the vocational education at GSTC, and also later when they enter working life. The day care will also available for the children of marginalized women in the immediate area.

Three assistants, who have completed the assistant education organized by Partnership for Change, are employed at the day care.

This project, with the establishment of day cares for children 4 months-4 years, is an example of how PfC as a non-profit organization can create systemic change with relatively limited funds. Together, we can lead the way in the development of day care facilities in Ethiopia.

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