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Felek – Design for Decent Work

Lady sewing
14 November 2023

PfC and Felek has agreed to cooperate in a sub-project: “Felek – Design for Decent Work”.

Felek, started in 2016, is a notebook production brand. They mainly focuses on keeping Ethiopia’s rich history of book artistry going using ancient binding techniques and recycled paper.

Today, they also produce other leather products such as bags and sacks. Felek has a strong social responsibility, and they focus on good working conditions and decent wages for their employees. For every notebook produced, Felek donates 8 notebooks to underprivileged students. Felek has been recognized by the authorities as a model-company and has been given access to large training and production facilities in Addis Ababa.

The aim is to improve the leather-finishing sector through quality skills training of TVET* trainers and removing critical skills shortages and generate employment opportunities for disadvantaged female graduates.

This will be the first private quality improvement center in Ethiopia for disadvantaged female TVET graduates and TVET trainers. In 2022, the program will train 30 (10 teachers and 20 graduates) beneficiaries in addition to renovating and equipping the production facilities.

During a field trip visiting our projects in Ethiopia, the delegation from PfC was able to see the Felek production facilities after the extensive renovation works that has been done during the last months.

TVET – Technical and Vocational Education and Training

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