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Centre-based Childcare project Completed

Summit ECCE Centre

The Concept

The project is a pioneering initiative that established a community childcare centre, financed by combining a start-up grant with local contributions for operations. The centre was renovated and equipped to meet national standards, serving as a prototype for future expansion across Ethiopia. It addresses the pressing need for affordable, quality childcare, leveraging community engagement and fees for sustainability.

The Challenge

The stark lack of accessible, quality childcare in Ethiopia places undue burdens on women, exacerbating urban unemployment rates among them. With less than 1% of women in formal employment able to afford private childcare, the demand for community-supported solutions is high. Quality childcare not only empowers women to pursue education and
employment, but also aids child development and school-readiness, especially in children from low-income families, thereby tackling social and economic inequalities.

The Solution

The Summit Housing Community designated a derelict building which was renovated and furnished by PfC’s Expert Group architects. Using only local expertise and inputs – such as learning materials and furniture – the low cost and high quality enables replication and supports local businesses. Monthly fees collected by the housing community, combined
with parent contributions, fund operations of the centre and offers a sustainable model for quality childcare – without the need for government subsidies. Initially accommodating 15 children, it plans to expand to 50. The staff are trained by PfC to ensure a high standard of care, supported by the local government for ongoing compliance, marking a significant step towards accessible childcare for all.

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